Saturday, January 31, 2015


Sister had a pretty long birthday celebration this year.   It started with her special snack day at school the Friday before her birthday, then her actual birthday she brought donuts to all the staff kids (Teacher Workday) & had dinner and cake at the fire station and today she had her party! It has been a fun filled, loving on Sister, kind of week :)

This morning started by the boys surprising her with the gifts they have been working on for her.  I found the idea on pinterest a few months ago and my AWESOME Hubby did a great job executing them!  Brother loved helping and she was thrilled that her dolls have a place to sleep! She is also VERY excited about helping us make matching blankets for their beds.  I can't wait for our fun craft day!!

Next, we headed to drop Brother off at a friend's house (it was a girl's only was 15 little girls, he preferred the friends house, ha!)  We went to Rockdale Gymnastics and if you live in my neck of the woods, I highly recommend them.  We had an amazing time.  The coaches were fun, interacted great with the girls, and made her day SO special.  I even got information on classes bc I was so impressed.  I love how structured they were...that is right up my alley! 

 The girls had 3 rotations they completed in 1 hour.  They started with a bouncy obstacle course, slide and jumpy house.  How can you go wrong with that?! Ha!
 The sweet birthday girl!
 In a line to go down the slide...
 Everyone having fun sliding together.  I loved that all 7 girls from Sister's Kindergarten class got to come.  It is always fun to see everyone outside of school.  She also had some family and close friends she doesn't get to see often enough :) They all played really well together.

 BS and GO enjoying the slide!

 Love her!

 Getting ready for our 2nd rotation...
 Learning how to do different jumps on the trampoline.
 Running down the trampoline and jumping...woo hoo! Go EV!
 GO could bounce super high!
 MP ready to jump!
 EG completing her jump with a is in her genes. :)
 KF doing a great job!
 Sister running to flip!
 SO excited and loving every minute.  Hubby was impressed with the party too!
 Moving on to rotation 3, my favorite!  The girls got to climb a rock wall, do the spider jump and ride a zip line (and then play in a tree house playground until everyone was done), super fun!! They all did such a good job listening!

 AM rocking it on the rock wall!!
 Sister asking them to go "super fast" on the zip line. (And AM reaching the top in the background :)
 EV enjoying the spider jump!
 GO bouncing HIGH!
 MP doing great on the wall!
 EG ready to ride the zip line!
CY going UP! 

 HBjr doing a great job on the wall too!
 Sister giving it a shot!
 Then, moving onto the spider jump.  He wanted her to yell AWESOME !
 RP getting hooked into the zip line!


 Whoosh, EV flew by!
 HB getting ready to ride!
 MH ready for her turn!
 HE looked like she enjoyed the spider jump too.  I wish I could have done it, ha!
 BG having fun bouncing!

After our hour was up we headed back into the party room for a quick snack, cupcakes, and to open presents.  I didn't stress a lot about decorations.  Sister wanted a Hello Kitty theme, so I made some cute pinterest bags (I thought they turned out super cute :)  and filled them with her favorite snacks (applesauce, water, pretzels, and gummies), then threw some red tablecloths on the tables.  It was an easy going, super fun, kind of day :)

 Present time! I LOVE how well Sister's friends know her.  They got her some awesome gifts that I know she is going to cherish.  She already can't wait to make her arts and crafts, her dolls are in their new clothes (and sleeping in their beds), she took an extra bath to play with a new toy in the tub, she had new music to play in her room tonight, and she is looking forward to shopping with a little spending money.  She is a VERY blessed little girl! 

I can't believe she is 6 years old already.  Time really has flown.  We are SO blessed by the friendships she has in her life.  I love how she truly loves with her whole heart.  She is one of my favorite people to hang out.  She makes everything in life fun and I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for her future.  Happy Birthday (again) Sister!! We love you!