Thursday, June 11, 2015


It is fair to say I haven't really thought about blogging in a few weeks.  It isn't that I haven't had anything to share, it is just isn't a huge announcement about our next step or anything.

I feel like we are exactly where the Lord has asked us to be...and that is waiting. Just waiting. Everyday, every moment, and every hour.  We are waiting for opportunities to serve Him daily, waiting for answers on some pretty large prayer requests, waiting for doors to open and others to close, and waiting and watching as friends hear and move forward with what the Lord is asking of them in their lives.  I have a hard time waiting.

The Lord is teaching me to draw near to Him.   I am scared I will miss something, so I am waiting more in His presence.  We are waiting with friends who are like family that continue to amaze and bless us daily.  I am waiting and watching as the Lord answers friend's prayers and I KNOW that will be us one day.  We are making the most of our family time...even in the waiting.  We are taking a chance to relax in the waiting, search in the waiting, and love in the waiting.  We are learning to seek Him more and see Him more closely.  The waiting is never easy, but I have been reminded a lot lately that the waiting is what is preparing us for the next step.   And that is exactly where I want to be.

So, we will continue to fellowship, search, play, and pray until the Lord calls us to our next step.  Summer 2015 will be one we will never forget.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Saying goodbye

I have tried all week to keep myself busy.  I packed boxes, cleaned closets, swept floors, etc..anything to not think about what was actually happening this weekend.  I ran to grab the mail the other day and a book I made about our house was there.   I made the mistake of reading it in the car and was a mess. I know the Lord is working and we know we are in His will, but leaving this place is harder than I could have ever imagined.

Tonight we decided to do our family time talking about our favorite memories and experiences here.  There are so many we could have named, but these are the highlights.

Hubby- Home Improvement projects (growing from office and guest rooms to kids bedrooms), camping out in the living room and backyard, boiled peanuts on the front porch, yum!

Boo- Bringing home Brother and Sister, family movie / game nights, "secret sleepovers" with Mommy, Christmas lights / holidays, Birthday Celebrations, Sunday afternoon naps, reading chapter books curled up on the couch.

Brother- Family Lego building, fall football with the Rebels on TV, climbing trees, planting our garden, getting chickens, camping in the backyard with Daddy, learning to ride my bike, sleepovers with Sister, cuddling with Mom and Dad, learning to homeschool, water slide and swimming pool fun.

Sister- Playing outside on the swing set, hanging out in the playroom with Brother (movies, Legos, reading),  lemonade and popsicle stands at yard sales, hanging out with Grandparents when they came to babysit and visit.
We used the blank pages in the book to add our memories, write about answered prayers we got to experience here, and the kids each got to write in the back.   I am so glad that we have something tangible to hold onto. It will be something we will always be able to look back and remember our time here.  Off we go, on to new adventures!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Have you ever had someone in your life do something for you that you aren't sure you will ever be able to repay?  We have been blessed a lot in our lives and we are SO thankful for the life the Lord has given us, but this couple is truly serving our family with the hands and feet of Jesus and we will be forever thankful.

Besides just being amazing friends, they are opening their home to us and letting us into their "bubble".  In the midst of the Lord doing some amazing things in our life we have ended up homeless... In the sense, that our home has sold and there isn't a new one out there yet.  We have been praying daily and Hubby and I both feel strongly the Lord is telling us to wait.  That waiting is only possible bc of friends who said "come".  They are allowing us to follow the Lord's prompting and wait on Him.  We don't have to hurry into making a decision that we don't feel like is right, a gift I can't begin to explain.

So, we are off on an adventure.  Leaving a place we have called home for 12 years and where the Lord has grown and shaped our family.  We knew 2015 was going to be a big year...I have no idea what is to come, but as long as we have people like this walking with us, I know it is going to be amazing! #blessed #roomies

Sunday, April 5, 2015

What is up?!

Sorry! I know, it has been months, but I promise it has been a crazy few months.   I blog to let people know what is going on in our lives, how the Lord is leading us, and to share fun pictures of the kiddos.  I haven't been doing that lately and I apologize.  The Lord has been working faster than I could post, ha!  I have been getting the question "what is up?" a lot lately!

Hubby and I sat down with the kids on January 1st of this year and we prayed and called out to the Lord for what He would have in store for us this year.  We all felt that day that big things we going to come, we just didn't know what.  And honestly, we still are not sure, but we KNOW that He is moving and working in our lives. 

We put our house on the market mid-February after much prayer and consideration.  I was still a little nervous, but we knew we put the decision in the Lord's hands and He would take the next step.  That next step came 7 days later when our house went under contract.  It was an awesome answer to our prayers and confirmation to continue to follow His prompting. Our closing is the end of this week...more about our next step in another post!

Another big decision the Lord placed before us was my position at BBP.  I love my job, but I also love my kiddos.  I understand they are only ours for a short period of time before we have to pass them off to the world.  Hubby has felt since August this would probably be my last year working 3-4 days a week, it took me a little longer to come to that conclusion, but the Lord confirmed in my heart that my kids needed me with them more next year.  Sister graduates from BBP this May and she will be home with us.  The Lord confirmed our decision 2 days after we announced it with a prayer request we have had for 2 years. God is SO good.  I am looking forward to some amazing adventures for us all!! The Lord is still working an some opportunities that we are praying about, so I know that things can change and there is SO much more to come.  His ways are always better than our ways! 

I am going to be honest and say I will probably be a mess the next couple of months.  Moving out of the place we have called home for 12 years, the longest I have ever lived somewhere, the place we became a family, and the place the Lord truly drew us closer to Him is not easy.  Leaving a job I love after 10 years and a place where my kids have grown into amazing little people is emotional.  But the confirmations the Lord has given us in these decisions help us move forward knowing His path is where we desire to be.   I know the next few months will be filled with memories we will carry with us forever.  We are extremely blessed by the friends and family who are walking this journey with us.  

Easter 2015

"We aren't called to follow Christ for a moment, we are called to follow Him for a lifetime." - RK 

Our family didn't have a lot planned this year for Easter.  In the midst of packing boxes, cleaning the house, and making plans it literally slipped my mind.  I headed out late Friday to grab the kids a few things for Easter baskets and we grabbed lunch at one of our favorites after lunch.   It turned into a day of hanging out, movie watching, and family time.  A pretty perfect last Sunday in our home.  

Our church does an outdoor service, so we can also worship together.  I heard they put out 2000 chairs, and there were still people standing in the back.  We like the front row, so I really didn't see the crowd until I saw the pictures :)  It was a fabulous morning.  Our pastor continued our study on what a real follower of Christ looks like.   We are so blessed to hear the truth preached every Sunday and to have the accountability of living our lives truly sold out to the Lord.  

The crowd on a beautiful Sunday morning.  I love praising the Lord with these people!

Easter basket fun after naps :)  We put in "Annie" - on a sidenote if you haven't seen it, our family gives it 2 thumbs up. It is a new family favorite! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

DDN 2015

Tonight we celebrated our last Dad's Dessert Night at BBP *tear*.  Hubby has been attending the yearly night for 8 straight years.  The theme this year was "fishing".  The speaker was fabulous and Sister, as always, enjoyed a special night out with Hubby.  I am thankful that I know these nights will continue even without BBP, but it was bittersweet to see the night end.  The countdown is on until graduation...I can't believe we are almost there! 

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Sister had a pretty long birthday celebration this year.   It started with her special snack day at school the Friday before her birthday, then her actual birthday she brought donuts to all the staff kids (Teacher Workday) & had dinner and cake at the fire station and today she had her party! It has been a fun filled, loving on Sister, kind of week :)

This morning started by the boys surprising her with the gifts they have been working on for her.  I found the idea on pinterest a few months ago and my AWESOME Hubby did a great job executing them!  Brother loved helping and she was thrilled that her dolls have a place to sleep! She is also VERY excited about helping us make matching blankets for their beds.  I can't wait for our fun craft day!!

Next, we headed to drop Brother off at a friend's house (it was a girl's only was 15 little girls, he preferred the friends house, ha!)  We went to Rockdale Gymnastics and if you live in my neck of the woods, I highly recommend them.  We had an amazing time.  The coaches were fun, interacted great with the girls, and made her day SO special.  I even got information on classes bc I was so impressed.  I love how structured they were...that is right up my alley! 

 The girls had 3 rotations they completed in 1 hour.  They started with a bouncy obstacle course, slide and jumpy house.  How can you go wrong with that?! Ha!
 The sweet birthday girl!
 In a line to go down the slide...
 Everyone having fun sliding together.  I loved that all 7 girls from Sister's Kindergarten class got to come.  It is always fun to see everyone outside of school.  She also had some family and close friends she doesn't get to see often enough :) They all played really well together.

 BS and GO enjoying the slide!

 Love her!

 Getting ready for our 2nd rotation...
 Learning how to do different jumps on the trampoline.
 Running down the trampoline and jumping...woo hoo! Go EV!
 GO could bounce super high!
 MP ready to jump!
 EG completing her jump with a is in her genes. :)
 KF doing a great job!
 Sister running to flip!
 SO excited and loving every minute.  Hubby was impressed with the party too!
 Moving on to rotation 3, my favorite!  The girls got to climb a rock wall, do the spider jump and ride a zip line (and then play in a tree house playground until everyone was done), super fun!! They all did such a good job listening!

 AM rocking it on the rock wall!!
 Sister asking them to go "super fast" on the zip line. (And AM reaching the top in the background :)
 EV enjoying the spider jump!
 GO bouncing HIGH!
 MP doing great on the wall!
 EG ready to ride the zip line!
CY going UP! 

 HBjr doing a great job on the wall too!
 Sister giving it a shot!
 Then, moving onto the spider jump.  He wanted her to yell AWESOME !
 RP getting hooked into the zip line!


 Whoosh, EV flew by!
 HB getting ready to ride!
 MH ready for her turn!
 HE looked like she enjoyed the spider jump too.  I wish I could have done it, ha!
 BG having fun bouncing!

After our hour was up we headed back into the party room for a quick snack, cupcakes, and to open presents.  I didn't stress a lot about decorations.  Sister wanted a Hello Kitty theme, so I made some cute pinterest bags (I thought they turned out super cute :)  and filled them with her favorite snacks (applesauce, water, pretzels, and gummies), then threw some red tablecloths on the tables.  It was an easy going, super fun, kind of day :)

 Present time! I LOVE how well Sister's friends know her.  They got her some awesome gifts that I know she is going to cherish.  She already can't wait to make her arts and crafts, her dolls are in their new clothes (and sleeping in their beds), she took an extra bath to play with a new toy in the tub, she had new music to play in her room tonight, and she is looking forward to shopping with a little spending money.  She is a VERY blessed little girl! 

I can't believe she is 6 years old already.  Time really has flown.  We are SO blessed by the friendships she has in her life.  I love how she truly loves with her whole heart.  She is one of my favorite people to hang out.  She makes everything in life fun and I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for her future.  Happy Birthday (again) Sister!! We love you!