Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Downtown Family Time

Hubby's sister and her kids met us this afternoon at Fernbank, a science museum in ATL.  We were not meeting until around 1pm, so we decided to have some fun in the city and went shopping at IKEA and grabbed lunch at the Varsity before we met.  The kids were excited to see each other!  I actually ended up getting a membership to the museum bc our daily tickets would have literally been $75 and the educator discounted membership (for the year) was $100.  Seemed like a pretty obvious choice to me :)  I know the kids will be excited to go again and they have a rotating exhibit on the ground floor.   One of the volunteers told us the was the best place for a group photo...you can get almost the whole dinosaur in the picture!
 The kids having fun!  They were excited about walking through the exhibits!
 The rotating exhibit right now is on Whales.  The kids loved it.  It was really interesting and the kids learned a lot.  This picture cracks me up, Sister stroke a pose and they all joined in.
 We also visited one of the more "hands on" exhibits upstairs...I caught Sister in a bubble!

 Sister and I also helped forecast the weather for the next few days...a nice  cool breeze is coming (for real, I think)
 When we entered one of the volunteers mentioned to us that they were doing a live animal show at 3pm.  The kids really enjoyed it.  Today the instructor showed us animals native to our area.  We got to see a tiger salamander, box turtle and a rat snake.  The kids even got to touch the rat snake on the way out the door... fun stuff ! (I did not touch the snake)

 We saved the the kids area for last.  I have not been to Fernbank since they updated it a few years ago, but it was great!  The kids had so much to do.  There was a great mixture of education activities and places to explore.  The kids all enjoyed checking it all out.

 I love the canoe pictures bc they are both "paddling" on opposite sides....they would do well in a canoe together :)

 Love this sweet picture of me and my girl :)
 Last cousin picture by the coral reef.  We had a lot of fun!
 Family photo opportunity!
We had a blast today!  Hanging out with these two is seriously one of my favorite things to do!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brother / Sister FUN

Some of you might remember that in our world we celebrate Brother's Day and Sister's Day (much like Mother's Day and Father's Day), but we use it as an opportunity to celebrate our favorite little people the Lord blessed us with.  This year because of crazy schedules and honestly because the kids asked too, we combined their days into one fun day! It was a fabulous family fun day!

The kids started their morning making cards for each other.  They had already pooled their yard sale money to buy each other a gift, so the card was just a special treat.  They each drew something they love to do together...I think in Brother's they are playing baseball and Sister's they are playing outside (holding hands, with a rainbow that has a crown, ha.)

Next we got dressed and headed to church.  They let me get some sweet pictures.  They get so much bigger everyday! 

 Love this one...He told her to put her arm behind her back bc she had a red watch on that "didn't match", ha!
 After church we headed to Chilis, a family favorite, and always a big hit when we have kid meal coupons! It was a "yes" kind of day, so they were both thrilled to get Dr. Pepper and Coke to drink, ha.  It is the little things!

The kids couldn't wait to open each others presents after lunch.  We got them a little something, but instead of anything big, we opted to surprise them with a fun afternoon activity!
They put their money together and got a set of walkie talkies and they LOVE them.  If you need their radio handles they are Minnie Mouse and Miner, over.  They were also excited to pick out a new book for each other, over.

 Daddy teaching them to use the walkie talkies and get on the same channel, over.
On the way to the special fun activity we decided to grab a quick treat at Menchies, yum!! "Yes" day meant a waffle bowl for Sister and a few extra topping for Brother.
 No pictures of the fun activity, but they kind of frown on pulling your phone out in a movie theater.  We saw "Planes 2 : Fire and Rescue" and we LOVED it.  Maybe it had to do with the firefighter theme, but my kids literally applauded at the end.  It was really fun and super cute.  Plus, it was dedicated to firefighters, gotta love that!

We rode around for a little while, just being together and we promised the kids if they went with the flow they could play with the new water guns when they got home.  We were supposed to screw a water bottle on the end of the gun and it would work, but our water bottles were too small.  So, on "yes" day we empty the 2 liters in the house (pitcher) and wash out the 2 liters to fill with water.  They guns were awesome, so fun! And the 2 liters made the fun last that much longer!

We are so blessed with our kiddos!  I love their relationship and seeing them play together.  They each have so many qualities that Hubby and I can see in ourselves.  Brother is a wonderful big brother, almost a little "too" in charge sometimes, ha.  Sister is our bubbly, sweet , fun loving, little girl.  She can make me laugh even when I am trying to get onto her.  It is always fun to enjoy a day, say yes to the little things, and spend the day together. I can't wait until next year. Love them, over.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Joy unspeakable, faith unsinkable, love unstoppable, anything is possible

So, one thing about our family that you may (or may not ) know ( I guess it depends on how long you have been reading our blog) is that we all love music...especially "theme" music. I truly believe the Lord speaks to us through songs and I love when one comes along that speaks right to where we are.  This song has become our homeschool anthem for this year. It is so true and so much of what we want for our kiddos.   Enjoy the family pictures and click on the link, I promise you will be blessed too.  

Here in this worn and weary land
Where many a dream has died
Like a tree planted by the water
We never will run dry

So living water flowing through
God we thirst for more of You
Fill our hearts and flood our souls
With one desire

Just to know You and to make You known
We lift Your name on High
Shine like the sun made darkness run and hide
We know we were made for so much more
Than ordinary lives
It's time for us to more than just survive
We were made to thrive

Into Your word we're digging deep
To know our Father's heart
Into the world we're reaching out
To show them who You are

So living water flowing through
God we thirst for more of You
Fill our hearts and flood our souls
With one desire

Just to know You and to make You known
We lift Your name on High
Shine like the sun made darkness run and hide
We know we were made for so much more
Than ordinary lives
It's time for us to more than just survive
We were made to thrive

Joy unspeakable, faith unsinkable,
Love unstoppable, anything is possible

Just to know You and to make You known
We lift Your name on High
Shine like the sun made darkness run and hide
We know we were made for so much more
Than ordinary lives
It's time for us to more than just survive
We were made to thrive

Saturday, July 12, 2014


I was extremely blessed this week to get to help with our churches Kidz Inc Music Camp.  Sister was really to young to go, but since I was helping all week they allowed her to attend.  Both kids LOVED it and did an awesome job at the show.  I was SO proud of them.

The show was all about knowing I AM and the different names of God.  I loved that the show was full of scripture and gave us something to really talk and learn about this summer.  The kids memorized tons of verses, including Psalm 23.
Me and my kiddos the night of the show :)

Brother doing his thing...
Sister rocking it out...

This week was one of their favorites of the summer.  They can't wait to do it again! Thank you FBL for the opportunity!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Road Trip to MS

Thanks to (literally) a last minute change in Hubby's schedule we decided to take a road trip to Mississippi to see family.  We didn't get to go last summer, so we were all excited to get to make the trip.  Hubby and I both have grandparents in the same town in Mississippi, so we always have a wonderful time getting to spend time with them.
We took the kids to visit the Agricultural Museum this year with my grandfather.  I remember going when I was a little girl and it was really fun to show the kids around.  It is basically a little town with a working farm and museum.  The kids thought it was really neat!
Riding on the train around the grounds with Great Granddaddy.
Love them!

Sitting in the rocking chair...I think we have pictures of me as a child in this chair :)
Learning about saw mills...
and picking cotton.

The church in the town, so beautiful.
They also had animals in the barn...
and a general store where we all stopped and got a snack.

2 Peas in a pod, love those kiddos.

We enjoyed eating out, visiting, and just being together.  Even if it was short, it was a great trip.

After heading out from my Grandfather's house we headed down the road about 5 mins to Hubby's grandparents house. We had fun taking some pictures in the tree out front :)

They also got to take a wagon ride in Papa's wagon / tractor.

Another 2 peas in a pod...they crack me up!
We also spent a morning visiting the Museum of Natural Science.  The kids really enjoyed it and remembered going the last time we were here.  They had a new exhibit to check out this time and to Brother's delight, the two headed snake was still there, yuck!

Bird watching...

Turtles...we sang the TMNT song to them and I promise they were dancing. It was too funny!
After the museum we found an awesome playground to play on for a little while.  We had it to ourselves, so we each claimed a castle (Hubby got the boat, ha!) and we spent time attacking each others castles, fun stuff.

We made sure to get a few pictures with Nonnie and Papa before we headed out.  We had a wonderful time and always enjoy getting to see family.